Top Ten Reasons to Apply to St. Mary’s College of California

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TOP 10: St. Mary’s College of California, Your Home Away From Home, Tucked Away in the Hills

Home of the Gaels

Come visit the campus and immerse yourself within the multiple inviting activities, making memories that will last a lifetime!

1) Bucolic Setting– Surrounded by the rolling hills of Moraga, St. Mary’s is a unique campus, one in which attracts the eye from across the way, just wondering more about it. The surrounding hills allow the campus to be quiet, calm, and serene with budding flowers as you drive down the driveway into the front of campus.

2) Small Class Sizes– The teacher to student ratio is very helpful towards students in achieving their academic goals, and allows the students to have the uncanny ability to interact closely with their professors asking questions, going to office hours, and receiving help whenever it is needed.

3) Chapel– The chapel is the center of the college, for it is the very first thing one notices as they drive onto campus grounds. It is known as a very quiet and peaceful place to meditate, pray, and has plenty of beautiful aspects of ancient architecture. The colorful and vibrant stain glass windows are available for all to see, for although it is a private Catholic college, every one of any religion, tradition, and belief is welcome inside the chapel.

4) La Sallian Tradition– Inspired by John Baptist de La Salle, the Lasallian community thrives to change the not only our community for the better, but to reach out to those who need it the most. Some of the core principles in which the community lives by are to encourage the Christian understanding of the human being, speaking through the light of each student, and to create an educational community whose members support each other with mutual respect.

5) BasketballThe college is a part of the Division One¬†athletic department, for each sport offered here brings troops of students to watch the games. But no sport on campus can beat the men’s basketball team, for they bring not only students, but individuals and families from all over the bay area to stand on our feet and cheer on the winning Gaels. Last year the men were the WCC champs and then brought the Gaels to the Sweet 16 tournament, something we haven’t done in several years in the past.

6) Speakers & DebatesJust last fall in September 2010, our campus government and community relations worked extremely hard in allowing our campus to host the 2010 Senatorial Debate between Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina. We were extremely lucky and had a very successful debate between the two honorable women. The government and community relations program is working away in possibly hosting an even larger debate next year!

7) Cultural EventsSt. Mary’s is filled with students of all different cultures and backgrounds. There are clubs that represent each culture that allow students to become a community of their own and feel connected with those around them. Some events that are held throughout the year for example are: Latino Cultural Night, Asian Cultural Night, and the HAPA (Humans Actively Participating Aloha) Lu’au.

8 ) Hiking Trails– The graceful campus is hidden away from the rest of the community as it sits within hills amongst the town. The rolling hills are at your fingertips, just waiting to be walked upon. One of the most common trails on campus is one that takes you up to the highest elevation on campus, past the townhouses and observatory and leads you to the cross. The view is breathtaking, for it allows you to view the entire campus like you never would before.

9) JantermPart of the college’s unique system of academics involves the Janterm program. It is a short, one month study that takes place after fall semester, and before spring semester. It allows the students to ease back into their studies and have the potential to take a class completely off topic of our regular major studies. It gives students a fresh start into the year, a chance to study abroad, connect with other students, and learn something totally different.



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