Public Relations Class

Marketing Meet the Firms- SMC/ AMA

Tuesday March 3, 2011

I have to admit that before going to the American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketing’s Meet the Firms, I was very nervous and really had no clue what to expect. I had attended career fairs here on campus before, and met with separate companies and passed out my resume, but this event was different. There were quite a few attendees (companies/ organizations) that I had never heard before, nor did I know what they did. However, as soon as I was able to take a walk around the room, I was then able to understand their offerings at a better level. Anticipation grew and grew as I walked closer towards the Soda Center here on campus from my townhouse. Questions were flying through my mind like: Who are they? What do these companies do? What are they looking for exactly? Are they going to like me? Will I be “good enough” to meet their standards for a future employee or intern? As one could imagine after hearing these types of question in my mind as I questioned my own abilities with self doubt, I immediately told myself, “You know what, just take a deep breath and don’t let this bother you. I am a capable human being who could impress and offer many things to a company, and if they do not like me, that’s totally fine! At the right place, and at the right time the right company will come to me and I we will be a good match”. After walking in the front door of the Soda Center, I grabbed a few flyers that the directors of the event were handing out and I signed in on the sign in sheet. Seeing everyone dressed up in their suits and professional close to impress, however did intimidate me quite a bit, but I continued to walk with pride and confidence throughout the room and walked up to a table. The pink handout that I was given with all the company attendees was very helpful for I was able to see in a wide perspective of who all was there, as well as I could glance down and see which places I was particularly interested in. Immediately the one that caught my eye was Nice Advertising as well as Bay Area News Group. I wanted to go up to their tables and speak to them but they were both quite busy with a line of other students/ perspective employees wishing to speak to them as well. So in the meantime I went to another table: Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue. The reason I was drawn to this table was because I knew of his name from my very own (and personal favorite) sports teams here in the Bay Area: Oakland Athletics. Tony LaRussa was a very good, and well known manager that led the Athletics to high achievements.  I spoke to the two young girls who were working that table, for I was surprised to see one of the SMC students working for them which I had never known. They seemed to be very interested in their job, and the program in itself just tugged at my heart strings. After speaking to them I went over to the advertising table to speak them, for that is what I wish to do after I graduate- work in the advertising field. I was able to listen to a few other people asking him questions while I stood at the table trying to speak to him as well, but I was not able to ask him the full, in detail questions I wished for with a one-on-one discussion- like: What could you suggest for me in order to improve my chances of employment with your company; however, after asking him a few other questions about the advertising company he works for, he told me that I should have some kind of experience with an internship before applying. This would allow the company to have more trust and comfort in knowing my abilities in qualifying for the job. After speaking to him briefly, this did not push me away but actually drew me closer towards my search and interest in the field. I tend on emailing him my resume again and asking him a few questions that the AMA advise to ask a future company, such as: What kinds of courses are most valuable in order to gain skills necessary for success in this occupation? (If I plan on going back to school, of if I could pick up tutorials for a certain application or a skilled program that they ask for employees to know), also: what are opportunities for advancement? Is an advanced degree needed? Which skills and characteristics are most important to acquire? How would you describe the atmosphere in the workplace? And what type of opportunities are typically available to new college graduates (Because this will be me in just a little over 2 months!!)

This is my blog for my Public Relations class here at St. Mary’s College of California.


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